a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA


This website serves as an unofficial chansonnier—that is, a book or collection of songs and poems—of several troubadours (who may style themselves singers, musicians, poets, bards, minstrels, and sundry other names) throughout the Society for Creative Anachronism. In addition to songs and poems, this site also presents prose fiction and research essays from the society's talented participants. There should be a little bit of something for everyone: entertainment, education, distraction. Hopefully you will find at least one of these to bring you some enjoyment. Check back often, as well, to see what further troubadours (and various works) have been added to the virtual leaves of this folio.

Recent Additions

Surrounded and alone, of both I plaine,
Nor wanting either, yet here bayde remaine,
To humoure semblaunce when sholde truth prevele;
But honesty and grace to few appele,
Nor faithfulnesse when fleeting bond might faine....

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Doves of light are sleeping ‘round the moon
The tree of heaven casts its shadow on the dune
But there is no rival for the way your hair is strewn
The clouds below the stars make a veil of the light
I pray you think of...

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Boughes grown lanky
My neglect frees the maple
Umber banners trail
Would you take down your jet hair
If I turned my eyes away
Boughes grown lanky
My neglect frees the maple

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Worthy sons and daughters of Anuket,
Do not store all your incense and oils
your necklaces and net dresses up
Solely for use in the necropolis.
Burn the oil now, drape yourself in lapis
and eat a pharoah’s fine...

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Bryn Madoc's children, purple and gold
Covered in glory when stories are told
We'll take the black road, we'll take the white road
We'll take the south road that leads us to war
Son of Bryn Madoc, doughty and strong...

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From the Collection

L'anme verai que tot aime
Aucun que ne le rendt, mais rejete
C’effort doit dans soi torner
Et fixe sa foi a l’attention de pitié
Pour salut, consirant le deduit.
L’amor temporal le fait a depecier.
Le cuer pie ne puet a depecier,
Renforcé de la force de cui l'aime
Si sa valeur at le plus deduit
Que sol péché mortal rejete.
Portant l’amant s’accordt pitié
Et a l’amor divin vueut a torner.
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Who's Who

Brand's picture

Brand (Sir Brand aux Deus Leons, Knight, MPel, E.T.C.) of An Tir, Baronies of Madrone and Aquaterra (Seattle-ish area of the world) Joined the Society in ~AS 15 (1980). Founder and Managing Director of the Washington Shakespeare Festival (a small but sincere band of Elizabethan trouble-makers and poets... oh, sorry, same thing.) Performs with the Celtic folk group "Celt Check" (Pennywhistle, Vox, Guitar, Bodhran, Doumbk). Serious interest in Elizabethan poetry and the works of the Elizabethan stage. Will write more later, but you may enjoy his websites -,,