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a collection of literary works from the troubadours of atlantia

Jongleur and Dancer, 12th c.


This website serves as an unofficial chansonnier - that is, a book or collection of songs and poems - of several troubadours (who may style themselves singers, musicians, poets, bards, minstrels, and sundry other names) in the Kingdom of Atlantia within the Society for Creative Anachronism. There is a little bit of something for everyone: entertainment, education, distraction. Hopefully you will find at least one of these to bring you some enjoyment. Check back often, as well, to see what further troubadours (and various works) have been added to the virtual leaves of this folio.

About the Atlantian Troubadours

Atlantia is lucky among the kingdoms of the Known Worlde in the SCA in that it has a rich and varied artistic tradition, from the martial-minded bards of The Mooselodge to the classically-educated Oldcastle poets to the love-lyric minstrels that populate the eastern branch of House Bellatrix.

Some of these individuals are excellent musicians, others talented vocalists or lyricists; some are both! Presented here is a selection of original works by those who make their home in Atlantia to display their love of the medieval game we play. Click on a name below to find out more about that individual and also to see the poems and songs by that artist that are available online.

Ambra Micheli Lady Ambra is a fabulous balladist and served as one-half of the Atlantian Royal Bard (a 'Royal Notable' position which is awarded to an individual to hold every year after winning a competition at Twelfth Night) along with Lady Fennic du Blayz. She currently resides in the Barony of Highland Foorde.

Bryce de Byram Sir Bryce is a Master of the Laurel and Pelican, and divides his time between his muse, his study of the 12th century, his fighting and his service to his Crown.

Ceridwen ferch Owain Mistress Ceridwen is an excellent poet (and is a former Poeta Atlantiae) and companion of both the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican.

Dunstan le Heryngmongere Master Dunstan is a twelfth-century Saxon wharf bailiff and sometime Poeta Atlantiae (as well as a former Royal Bard).

Efenwealt Wystle Master Efenwealt is a Saxon bard and jongleur (and former Atlantian Royal Bard!) who makes his living with his wife Aenor in the court of Henry II and Eleanor. Efenwealt and Aenor are also the proprietors of the Camelot Treasures medieval mercantile.

Fennic du Blayz Lady Fennic is a former Royal Bard (alongside Ambra Micheli) currently living in the Barony of Caer Mear.

Jonathan Blackbow Lord Jonathan is a fighter, poet, and occasional autocrat in the Kingdom of Atlantia. He currently resides in the Barony of Sacred Stone.

Justus de Tyre Sir Justus is a twelfth-century crusader to the Holy Lands and a former Atlantian Royal Bard. Originally from Calontir, Justus has come to call Atlantia his home.

Olivier de Bayonne Master Olivier is a mid-twelfth century Gascon trobador (and former Poeta Atlantiae) making his living writing songs and poems, having recently left the service of a Saxon joglar and his lovely wife.

Rosalind Jehanne Mistress Rosalind is an excellent songwriter, poet, composer, and singer, whose well-known songs (such as "The Peasant Knight," "The Song of Roland," and "At the Battle of Maldon") have been and continue to be performed across the Knowne Worlde.

Ruaidhri an Cu Olagh Ruaidhri's fame as a poet has spread far and wide; he has served as Poeta Atlantiae as well as King's Bard of the East. His resounding herald's voice is unmistakeable, as are his Scottish accent and daisy-yellow leine.

Teleri the Well-Prepared Teleri is a poet and musician living in northern Atlantia. She currently serves as the Poeta Atlantiae.

Thomas Broadpaunch Friar Thomas Broadpaunch is the youngest son of a Salisbury stone mason, born near the middle of the thirteenth century. Currently, Friar Thomas enjoys the hospitality and forbearance of his fellow subjects of the Barony of Caer Mear, where his solitary life is occasionally interrupted, much to his own enjoyment, by writing poetry and working as a kitchen helper at various Baronial and Kingdom events.

Yaakov HaMizrachi Mar Yaakov (AoA) is a Jewish resident of Cairo in 1305. Married to Rivka Bat Shaul and father of Aharon ibn Yaakov, Yaakov became fascinated by Frankish poetry and so apprenticed to Mistress Dorigen of the Grey Gate. As a consequence, he spends much time in the Laurel Kingdoms studying poetry, storytelling and other bardic arts. When not in Cairo, they live in the Barony of Storvik. Yaakov has been Poeta Atlantiae twice, Storvik Bardic Champion twice, and occassional faculty of the University of Atlantia.

Yseulte Trevelyn Lady Yseulte currently lives in the Barony of Bright Hills, performs with its baronial bardic guild, and is known to sometimes play the harp.

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