a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA


This website serves as an unofficial chansonnier—that is, a book or collection of songs and poems—of several troubadours (who may style themselves singers, musicians, poets, bards, minstrels, and sundry other names) throughout the Society for Creative Anachronism. In addition to songs and poems, this site also presents prose fiction and research essays from the society's talented participants. There should be a little bit of something for everyone: entertainment, education, distraction. Hopefully you will find at least one of these to bring you some enjoyment. Check back often, as well, to see what further troubadours (and various works) have been added to the virtual leaves of this folio.

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RAZO: In whatever way he could Bryce de Byram was always stirring up trouble, for it is said that En Bryce loved war and strife more than most men. He called King Anton of Atlantia the Old Bear, and wrote many Sirventes... more

I want to make a sirventes of the two kings:
Logan, that Blackheart!, and Lucan, bold king of the East!
Soon shall we see them draw up the levies and turn out the knights
Armour polished as mirrors, bright as stars,
With minds... more

The earl has called our spears to the wall
(Bright helms and hauberk don again, don again!)
Lift the banner, answer the call
The life of arms to live again, live again!

Charge, charge, charge to the wall!
Let your... more

Chorus: Non nobis Domine, non nobis,
sed nomeni tuo da gloriam!

There is a new knighthood arose in the land,
where Jesus, our Lord left his mark in the sand. 1
It’s armour the armour of... more

A score and five years from the blossom of Chivalry,
A year and a day since I first was a man,
I came to a fair field, and there I found tourney,
Knights in bright armor, and festival grand.
I saw there the Jongleur, I... more


Bryce de Byram of Atlantia
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Sir Bryce is a Master of the Laurel and Pelican. He divides his time between his muse, his study of the 12th century, his fighting, and his service to his Crown.

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Linda Paterson (author of The World of the Troubadours and many other scholarly publications on troubadour-era literature and culture) and a team of colleagues have put a number of Crusade lyrics online: more
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